Who am I?

I am a fantasy and science fiction author, writing coach, and professional freelance editor from North Wales.

I specialise in helping aspiring and established writers to perfect their manuscripts and advance their careers and have over ten years’ experience in writing, editing, and publishing. I help authors of all backgrounds—from self-publishing to traditional publishing models, from flash fiction to epic novel series.

I am a graduate of the acclaimed Clarion West Writers Workshop, and my work has been published in a number of speculative fiction markets.

“I went to Cae with a half-finished novel I’d lost faith in, and ended up feeling much more constructive.

I appreciated their balance of comments, helping me feel more sure of what I’d done well, and highlighting interesting potential problems with the text. Some issues I’d recognised before, and others were totally new to me.

This fresh and insightful perspective was very valuable, and was presented to me in a considerate and thoughtful way. I especially appreciated their feedback on tropes, character, and narrative style.

The only thing I was left wanting was more conversations on the part of the book I hadn’t begun writing down yet, the way we covered everything else was exactly to my satisfaction.

I would certainly recommend discussing your creative writing with Cae.”

Jo Denham

“Cae is a great editor to work with, getting the balance right between encouragement and which of your precious baby words will likely need excising from your manuscript.

I have used them for both editing and sensitivity reads, and they have an unerring skill for seeing the themes and concepts behind things (including all the stuff you never realised was there) and pointing out where the flaws in your thinking and/or presentation may lie without making you feel like a jackass or a total bastard.

Please don’t use up all their time, as I intend to use more of it myself.”

“Working with Cae was an absolute pleasure. All the amends and edits recommended had an explosive impact on my manuscript and I learned so much from the whole experience. The detailed notes provided were invaluable and whether you’re a novice writer or an experienced professional, I can not recommend Cae highly enough.”

“Cae did the developmental edit for my debut novel, and I was delighted by the outcome.

I really felt like my work was being given attention and the entire process wasn’t just a quick, superficial thing. Every piece of advice was very constructive and clear, and there were always positive comments to weight things out, too!

They are a wonderful person to work with.”

Luz Neto