What is sensitivity reading?

Sensitivity reading involves reviewing your manuscript to identify any stereotypes, representation issues, bias, or problematic language and provide suggestions on how these may be improved.

Using my background in several marginalised identities (see below), as well as over ten years of experience as an activist and academic, I can assist you in writing about characters whose experiences may be very different from your own. This can also help to improve your audience and reception amongst readers from marginalised backgrounds.

My feedback is always friendly and encouraging. I focus on helping to strengthen your work by creating rich, authentic storylines and nuanced, multidimensional characters.

On request, I can also include an element of sensitivity reading as part of your developmental editing package.

Perfect for authors who…

I can help you write characters who…

  • are gay or bisexual

  • are trans and/or non-binary

  • experience (or have experienced) poverty

  • live with anxiety and/or depression

  • are survivors of childhood trauma and/or co-dependent relationships

  • are fat

  • are plural, or have multiple personalities

Contact me now to find out more

Sensitivity Read

£9per 1k words
  • 2-5 page editorial letter—detailing any representation issues, bias, or problematic language in your story, and providing suggestions on how they may be improved
  • 1 hour discussion about my feedback